Hi friends,

Here are a few of our favourite training ideas for freediving!

  • A guide to alternate nostril breathing

  • A sample CO2 table for breath-hold practice (remember to be flat on your back in bed or on a mat or sofa, NOT IN THE WATER!)

  • An 8-week pool training program for better in-water fitness, breath hold and water confidence created for I AM WATER Ocean Travel guests by Peter Marshall.

Have fun! And remember, NEVER train alone in water!!



Nadi shodhana is known to increase calm and focus. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes so you can relax and enjoy the breathing.

I like to rest my index and middle finger on my forehead when doing this exercise, choose what feels comfortable for you.

Use your thumb to close one nostril, and you ring finger & pinky finger work as a team to close the other. 

Close left nostril and inhale right for 4 counts, close right and exhale left for 4 counts, inhale left 4 counts exhale right, inhale right, exhale left... inhale left etc.  Once this feels easy, you can progess to the alternate nostril breathing with retention: close left and inhale right for 4 seconds close both and hold for 4 seconds exhale left 4 seconds inhale right 4 seconds. hold 4 seconds close both and hold 4 seconds... etc.  

At the end, drop your hand down, take a big breath in through both nostrils, hold in a few seconds and sigh it out. This is a great time to do a short meditation if you want to make that part of your daily routine.

SAMPLE CO2 TABLE to build Carbon Dioxide tolerance:


(Please use at own risk and safely with a buddy!)