We are thrilled to have hosted our two first ever Signature Trip offerings in Madagascar this year.

With incredible white sandy beaches, whale sharks, dolphins, humpback whales (no swimming just boat viewing) mobula rays and turtles… this truly is an ocean to visit!

Our first week we had Brian and Jenny from the US joining us, have a look at their highlights here, while week 2 saw a group from all over the world come together to learn freediving and meet the giants!

Please get in touch for 2019 dates!

MAGICAL NIUE - ever amazing!

This was our second year on the small island of Niue in the South Pacific… we were slightly worried to be honest… is it really as amazing as we remember it to be!?

For ten days we explored: dived the reefs, swam with the whales, played with the dolphins, hiked the forests and climbed the chasms. Oh it was more, much more than we could’ve imagined!

Watch the Trip Video and see just how blue that water really is!


We've been going to Southern Mozambique to teach freediving and swim with the bottlenose dolphins for 8 years... but this time might've been the friendliest dolphin encounters we've ever had!

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On the South African side of the border the double highway becomes a single lane road, then the road gets narrower and we're dodging cows and goats. School children in bright uniforms wave and smile, the road gets narrower still until it comes to a total stop - the South African / Mozambican border. Two stamps, a short walk and Bem Vindo! Welcome to Mozambique... where the road is now a sandy track winding over some of the tallest sand dunes in the world, blanketed in swaying grasslands and magnificent forests. 

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'Suspended in deepest blue with sunrays slicing down from the surface to the depths I feel him sing. Floating fifteen meters above him we don’t matter in the least, we hardly move – our eyes and hearts fixed on the outline of white whale-tail glinting below...

This was our first ever I AM WATER trip to the South Pacific and we had an incredible 10 days! Not only is the water bluer than blue - but the island itself is a mix of Avatar and Robinson Crusoe - jungles, caves and underground lakes.

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Whale sharks, sea lions & jacks

Slipping into the warm blue water you look down through the sharp angled slicing sun rays to a world of whirling silver. At first it’s hard to comprehend what you are seeing, but as your eyes adjust to the still dim morning ocean colours, you start noticing the horde. Thousands upon thousands of jack fish the length of your forearm are schooling just below us. Perfectly synchronised they move like a stream of mercury - the individuals becoming the group...

Our 2nd year running this Sea of Cortez adventure did not disappoint! From the greatest fish in the sea to the greatest quantity of fish together!

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It’s not every day (or even every year!) that your group meets the morning of the first day of the trip to grab a quick coffee on the beach while a volcano gently erupts across the bay! With such a  background the idea of learning freediving, meeting the biggest rays in the ocean and holding your breath for a long time seems tame in comparison! ... just to the east of Bali, Lembongan Island is famous for surf breaks with charming names such as Lacerations, Razors and Shipwrecks… so you might wonder why we picked this spot for a freediving trip… the answer of course, is manta rays! 

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