'There once was a girl called Nim

who wished she’d grown up with a fin.

One day in Bermuda she met mermaid Beth on a whim,

Ocean lover unite – it was a sure win!

She was instand I AM WATER family,

But it was the magic of Mexico that really set her free.

It was all thanks to merman Peter and mermaid Hanli…


A small group of misfits who love to laugh

Combined with superstar Mexican marine hosts & family staff.

This I AM WATER Ocean Travel adventure has been pure bliss,

And something we will all reflect on and miss.

Whale sharks, sealions and schools of jacks

Cabo Pulmo already we have to come back!

Baja California with its natural preserved beauty…

Let all oceans be protected so it can live free.


Thank you for all your pure friendship and hospitality,

My heart is bursting with so much gratitude and glee.

Magic moments like spotting whale sharks in the sky,

This trip has given answers to some of life’s why’s?


So there once was a girl called Nim

Who thought she had the wings in life to fly

Until I AM WATER gave her some special fins –

And then the limit was only the sky...'


THANK YOU NIM! We hope to share more blue adventures with you soon.

Love, the I AM WATER team