Having been freediving competitively for over 10 years I’m not so amazed by depth anymore as by the people who take on freediving for the first time. More happens within a person than in a deep dive. It can change the way you trust your body, or give you a hige boost in confidence. Freediving can teach you to relax and breathe in a way that makes you calm and happy. We watch how a person and a group are slowly changing during the week. We watch how personalites are shown in body language and the way they take on the ocean. We watch them being transformed by the softness of the water with tears in our eyes.

All of competitive freediving is done by a rope. Staying with the rope will keep you safe and be your guideline down and up. In courses we use the line to practise equalization. But the line is terribly restricting and somehow thoughts and doubts are louder. Everything changes when we leave the line and freedive by the reef. Suddenly equalization is easier, duck dives are perfect and people are staying underwater looking relaxed. They are motivated by the reef!

Everything changed again when we met the dolphins! That makes all the training worthwile. The dolphins work as a single reason and motivation to stay longer and play more underwater. All the students became better freedivers with the dolphins! We had an amazing and a very different week. All Swedish students and a film team following us almost everywhere. We are going to be broadcasted on Swedish television ‘Landgång’ which will show our amazing students and the beauty of freediving as well as all the environmental challenges that I AM WATER is taking on to help the ocean.