Madagascar is a country full of unimaginable biodiversity, fascinating history and breathtaking landscapes. In fact, the island nation of Madagascar is so diverse, that naturalists lovingly refer to it as 'the eighth continent.' We are so excited to be adding this wonderful destination to our list! On the north-western side of Madagascar lies the small island of Nosy Be, which ironically means 'Big Island' in the local Malagasy language. The island itself is a beautiful mix of seven volcanic lakes, fragrant ylang ylang groves and gentle hillsides covered in vanilla and frangipani. Even though Nosy Be is Madagascar's main beach destination, the island is still quiet and in many parts, very rustic. Several nature reserves on Nosy Be and the surrounding islands offer you the opportunity to see lemurs, chameleons and other key Madagascar fauna and flora, not to mention the incredible life below the surface... 

In the quiet waters between Nosy Be and Madagascar main land (called Grand Terre by the locals) whale sharks come to feed during the months of September to November. These gentle giants have been observed by local dive operators and fishermen for several years, but it is only recently that a research project has been initiated to understand the behaviour of the Madagascar whale sharks.  It is with this team that we will explore the blue water and it's inhabitants.

We chose this destination, because: there is such incredible biodiversity of life above and below to be explored. We are also very excited to work with our friend Stella from the Madagascar Whale Shark Project and support her invaluable research into the behaviour of these mysterious sharks. Working with a well established local operator who has the highest standards of responsible marine encounters we are secure in the knowledge that we will be offering truly sustainable animal interactions.